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It’s the power of f-number

Noel Carboni compared two sets of M101 data taken using two different imaging systems (but the same imaging camera) at the New Forest Observatory. The top image shows in excess of 5-hours (total) data, probably nearer 8-hours, taken using the … Continue reading

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Every deep-sky imager knows that Full Moon = Clear skies

Except of course when the Full Moon  is a Super-Moon or Mega-Moon as it was this morning – then you get wall to wall cloud for 24-hours.

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M13 potboiler from the Hyperstar III

This is literally a 10-minute process of some Hyperstar III data taken last night in parallel with me working on the mini-WASP array.  68 1-minute dithered subs with very poor collimation as I spent no time tuning up before imaging … Continue reading

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IOM May 2012 – the Mini-Coathanger cluster

You don’t often see images of this month’s “Image of the Month” and I’m really not quite sure why this is.  The mini-coathanger cluster is a small asterism lying in the constellation Ursa Minor, so it can be imaged all … Continue reading

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