Totally staggering wide field performance from a Canon 200mm prime lens

I recently bought a Canon 200mm prime lens to go onto the 5D MkII for some very wide field work.  Last night was completely clear so that was first light, and second light, for the lens.

Firstly I went for the Double Cluster and Stock 2 region.  ISO 800, 3-minute subs (6 off) f#4 and an IDAS filter.  This is the result of that exercise.  I then moved on to M31 and used 5-minute subs (10 off) at ISO 400, again f#4 and an IDAS filter.  I managed to get this shot.  Finally I composited some old M31 data with this data to add a bit of colour to M31 and got this.

I am totally gobsmacked at getting perfectly round stars corner to corner across such a huge field of view.  My colour isn’t too good at the moment as I need to work out a new processing schedule with the DSLR, but the results are amazing.  I have plenty of new targets lined up for this little beauty 🙂

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