Star Clusters

Star clusters are groups of stars which are gravitationally bound. Two distinct types of star cluster can be distinguished: globular clusters are tight groups of hundreds of thousands of very old stars, while open clusters generally contain less than a few hundred members, and are often very young. 

4 Responses to Star Clusters

  1. Jared says:

    your image of the coat hanger cluster is the only excellent one ive ever seen in my life. This cluster is sadly forgetten you never see this beatiful cluster in magizens, books, or even some star maps. I will say yours is the best one in the world i will take a image of this coat hanger when i get my equipment.

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Glad you like the coathanger image – best of luck imaging it yourself when your kit arrives!

  3. Rob Ewbank says:

    Hey Greg,

    Hope you’re doing well, I’d be surprised if you didn’t remember me, Rob, I built the sensor system for detecting whether someone is entering or leaving a room. I randomly remembered that you did these amazing photos of space…. Incredible stuff. I have no reason to get in touch really other than to see how you’re doing.

    When I left Uni, I started an electronics company fixing mixing desks and audio gear but soon got fed up with that and worked for a company doing electronics, quickly moved to programming and learned C++. One winter I decided to move to Cambodia where those skills were useful, that was fun but all good things come to an end.

    Back in in England now I work for Hawkeye Innovations, we’ve got some amazing stuff coming soon, not sure if you watch football but keep an eye out in Euro 2021 and premiership after the summer. It’s impressive technology.

    Let me know how you’re getting on and also some of the other legends at Southampton especially Alun Vaughan, Nixon and Lewin

  4. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Rob,
    Sincere apologies but I don’t remember you, then again I have been retired from the University since 2010. That being the case I don’t know how Alun Vaughn, Mark Nixon or Paul Lewin are doing other than it is pretty tough going at the University especially with the ongoing pandemic. Family & me are all doing well, just waiting for the jabs so I don’t have to go around like a leper for much longer. Still doing the imaging when the weather lets me, which lately isn’t much at all. Cambodia!!! That was very adventurous – would love to see Angkor Wat someday – unlikely to happen anytime soon 🙁 All the best.

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