Star Vistas

Star Vistas is a large format (approximately 12.0″ x 10.0″ – 30cm x 25cm) coffee-table book that contains the early deep-sky imaging work of Greg Parker and Noel Carboni.

Greg has completed discussions with several major publishers and we have signed a contract with Springer to publish the book.

Star Vistas brings you large-format, high-resolution, full-colour, full-page images of the deep-sky and solar system objects.  On the page facing each image there is a short description of the object, together with the imaging parameters.

There are two introductions:

  • Imaging deep-sky objects by Greg
  • Processing deep-sky images by Noel

And we are incredibly lucky to have Forewords written by three lovers of astronomy:

  • Sir Arthur C Clarke
  • Sir Patrick Moore
  • Dr Brian May

At last, the long awaited large format “coffee-table” book of Parker/Carboni deep-sky images is published!

Please visit this site regularly to either post your comments to us, or just see how the work on Star Vistas II is progressing.

During the course of this project we have had the dreadful news that Sir Arthur C Clarke, one of the writers of the Forewords, has died.  We have dedicated Star Vistas to the memory of the great Sir Arthur C Clarke – I think he would have liked that.

Star Vistas passed through Springer’s production process and was published in the U.K. on March 12th 2009!   A site has been set up solely for the Star Vistas project which you can access on hope to see you over there soon.

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