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Southampton University ECS News have done an interview with me regarding the starscape exhibition and the images that we will be showing.

You can watch the interview using the embedded player below.  Use this link if you would like to read more about the ECS News Production.

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Please Note: ECS retain the copyright to the video clip.

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Wow!  We have a three page spread in the Southern Daily Echo – great!  This article was written to coincide with the Starscape Exhibition now running at the University of Southampton.  Sally Churchward has put together a rather nice piece about the New Forest Observatory and our deep-sky images.

The only thing Sally seems to have misunderstood is my “joke”, and perhaps male anatomy.  To the best of my knowledge you can’t get a triple hernia, I only got a double hernia [and had two operations over two years] from carrying the Nexstar 11 GPS in and out of doors.  This is another very good reason for having a permanent site so that you don’t go lifting very heavy equipment about.  Be warned – I have done a lot of sports weight-lifting and I still got caught out – don’t let the same thing happen to you – be careful.

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Finally!  I am pleased to announce that the “Starscape” exhibition will run from the 27th July to the 9th September 2006 at the University of Southampton Library Exhibition Centre.  All images in this Exhibition were taken using the Hyperstar/SXV-H9C combination as I hadn’t yet purchased the Sky 90.

This is our first major exhibition and, as a result, we even have a brochure.  So if you can’t make it in person, you can download the Starscape Brochure and see what it is all about.


Click the download icon to download a PDF version of the brochure.

All pictures at the exhibition will be for sale and orders will be taken for anything else – email us at if you can’t make it and would like prices or information.

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