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It gets better, Astronomy Now magazine have published our images of Messier 13 in colour and black&white on page 93 of the September issue.  These were entered for their Messier Challenge.

The images are a single Hyperstar frame using the SXV-H9C camera.

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This is a great magazine and they have picked our image of Messier 51.  You’ll find our picture in issue 3, page 82.  The image was taken at f#6.3 on the Celestron Nexstar 11 GPS reflector as a single frame using the SXV-H9C one-shot colour camera.  This was only 20 minutes total exposure using 200 second subs.

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Starizona image of the Month – Awesome!  They picked our image of NGC7000 and the Pelican nebula which is a 5-frame Hyperstar mosaic.

Out of interest: Starizona manufacture and sell the Hyperstar lens assemblies for the Celestron Nexstar Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. 

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