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The Coma galaxy cluster, Fritz Zwicky, and Dark Matter.

This is an original Hyperstar (no collimation or camera angle adjusters) and SX H9C OSC CCD image of the Coma cluster of galaxies. This galaxy cluster was made famous by Fritz Zwicky who studied the cluster, and by applying the … Continue reading

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How did it all begin??

As I sit through gloomy days and gloomy nights waiting patiently for this season’s imaging to get underway, I remembered the very odd start I had to this hobby. I don’t think I’ve shared this one before, so maybe now … Continue reading

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Polar Alignment using Sharpcap

Unexpectedly clear last night, albeit with a nearly full Moon. Still, that doesn’t matter too much when you’re setting up/tuning a system. So it was the Hyperstar 4 on the C11 with the ASI2600MC-Pro camera last night. Started off by … Continue reading

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A 10-year Journey on Speed or Why the Hyperstar Really is a High-Speed Imaging System.

No not amphetamines speed, but f# speed, a poorly understood but absolutely critical optical system parameter. It has been a very difficult decision for me to make on how to tell this story. I have had clues about what’s been … Continue reading

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