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Lots of artificial satellite action last night

Went out half an hour before a 6-minute ISS pass last night to set up and caught a pair of satellites flaring – could be USA229 and associated debris. I then imaged the main event of the evening, a lovely … Continue reading

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A sunny day at the New Forest Observatories

I just finished painting the South Dome’s decking which finishes the Spring cleaning of the two dome’s for this year. The South Dome has just had a re-injection of life for the Hyperstar III with the addition of a 9-Megapixel … Continue reading

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What is going on with Theresa May?

OK – so things are now getting very interesting indeed here in the UK. Just a few weeks before a rather important General Election, Theresa May announces that she wants to bring back Fox hunting. No, this is not fake … Continue reading

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Moon & Jupiter 07/05/2017

If you had clear skies, you may have noticed last night that Jupiter was very close to the 12-day old Moon. This image has a fisheye view of the scene over the New Forest Observatories and inset there is a … Continue reading

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My first Prime Number

So the Prime Number the MegaNode computing facility just found has now been confirmed – it is: 3438759891285*2^1290000-1 Which is 388,342 digits long and is in the top 5,000 largest primes. I just ran the numbers through Mathematica to see … Continue reading

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New Prime(s) found at the New Forest Observatory MegaNode computing facility

Yesterday – 2nd May 2017 – the DELL Quad Node number cruncher came up with a new Prime(s).  Don’t know how many digits or how many Primes yet until my “checker” reports in.  However a kind Admin ran the number … Continue reading

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Stereo View of Asteroid 2014 JO25

Is today’s EPOD – Thank you Jim at EPOD for continuing to publish my work, and Dr. Brian May for creating the stereograph.  

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