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The mini-WASP is up and running – of course it is a full Moon tonight!

As I write this entry in my study I have the other 3 screens showing me what is going on in the mini-WASP observatory.  All 3 scopes and cameras are currently imaging the Double Cluster, and later I am really … Continue reading

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Photography Courses on the Scientific Artist site

I have recently been receiving enquiries about photography courses in general (not deep-sky imaging).  Non deep-sky imaging photographic courses are listed under the “Courses” heading on the Scientific Artist web site.

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Nice Star Vistas review

I just came across a nice Star Vistas review that I hadn’t seen before.  Thanks guys – nicely done 🙂

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Got today’s EPOD – Barred galaxies in Leo and supernova

Got today’s EPOD with the supernova in M95 from March this year.  That’s EPOD number 41 🙂  Thank you Jim for continuing to publish work from the New Forest Observatory.

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I call it Plug City

When you have three imaging scopes with CCDs, a filter wheel, a guide scope with guide camera, 3 Robofocus units, 3 computers with monitors, a Paramount ME, a Gigabit LAN hub, a light box, a dehumidifier, a lamp, a dome rotator, and … Continue reading

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mini-WASP now fully populated and ready to go :)

The second TS 80mm triplet APO arrived today so I made up another Robofocus bracket and mounted the new scope in the mini-WASP frame.  So that’s it – I am not going to go any further with the hardware on … Continue reading

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Ruchbah region with the TS 80mm triplet APO and a Sky 90 refractor

Here is an image from the mini-WASP array using the M26C one-shot colour cameras on a Sky 90 and a TS 80mm triplet APO.  Both datasets were combined using Registar as they had different image scales (the TS 80mm is … Continue reading

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Ruchbah region with the TS 80 and no hot pixels

Had an hour to waste tonight whilst half-watching a TV programme so removed the hot pixels from the recent Ruchbah region image (TS 80/M26C one-shot colur CCD).

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The mini-WASP array spaghetti junction

When you have 2 filter wheels, 3 Robofocus units, 3 cameras, and a guide camera, plus Paramount – there’s a build up of cables you wouldn’t believe 🙂  

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Ruchbah region test shot with the TS 80

And here is an 8 x 5-minute test shot of the Ruchbah region taken with the TS 80.  Hot pixels aplenty, but star quality as you can see very good considering the chip wasn’t even flat!

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