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No matter how many publications you have, a new publication is always exciting.  The July 2007 issue of Sky at Night magazine is including our widefield M42 image on the cover CD-ROM.  This image was taken with the Sky 90/SXVF-M25C combination.

This is one of my top ten favourite images and shows just how far really have come in two years (and maybe just how far we have to go!).

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Sir Arthur C Clarke sent Greg a tribute to Sir Patrick Moore on the occasion of his 50th Sky at Night anniversary with instructions to get it published where the astronomically-interested would see it (of course you can read the tribute here as well!). 

Astronomy Now took up this wonderful offer and in the July issue the Arthur C Clarke tribute to Sir Patrick Moore can be seen on pages 40-41.  Sir Arthur has put a lot of very interesting history in his tribute.

More importantly 🙂 on page 93 in the Picture Gallery you’ll find a full-colour 2-frame Sky 90/M25C shot of the Markarian Chain region.

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