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Life on Earth

Earth was created about 4.5 billion years ago, first life appeared about 4 billion years ago. So as soon as Earth was cool enough for complex life molecules to assemble, there they were, complete and ready to go. Now fast … Continue reading

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The Origin of Life

Now here’s the problem – and I think it’s a real biggy. I asked a while back if there were any double helical molecules anybody knew of that were NOT associated with life. Looks to me like there aren’t any, … Continue reading

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Re the deluge in Libya – following the deluge in Greece which followed the wildfires in Greece. Gaia is pretty pissed off you know. She’s making it clear for everyone to see, but nobody seems to be taking any notice.

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The Sadr Region of Cygnus

I had my first imaging session of the new season on the array last night using the 200mm lenses and the ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras.   The bright star Sadr sits in the centre and it also sits with … Continue reading

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