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Astronomy Now are printing one of our images of M31 in “the night sky” on page 51.  It is certainly a dramatic image and one of our favourites.  This is just the central core region of M31 taken with the Hyperstar/SXV-H9C – BUT – it contains 311 sub-exposures!!

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We are very pleased that Sky at Night have chosen two of our images for the March 2007 issue – both are Sky 90/SXVF-M25C images:

  • An image of M42 in landscape mode with no H-Alpha data (page 27)
  • The Horsehead Nebula wide field (on the CD-ROM)

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Faith Eckersall has written an article titled “Shining Example” for the March issue of the Hampshire Society Magazine. 

A lot of the article is about Greg’s background which you also can read on this site.  The article has been published with one of our favourite images – the region between NGC1977 and M43 in Orion taken using the Hyperstar/SXV-H9C combination.

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