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First light for the modified Hyperstar III – the “Wall” region of NGC7000

Last night I successfully collimated the modified Hyperstar III lens assembly and took a “first light” image with the new setup.  Full Moon (or close to) low down on the southern horizon, and a sky that doesn’t really get dark. … Continue reading

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A better image taken from outside the house using a beer can pinhole camera

I also mounted two pinhole cameras outside the house on a south facing wall.  These cameras were based on beer cans as the Ilford photographic paper fits very nicely inside a standard size aluminium beer can.  Like the indoor cameras … Continue reading

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My longest ever sub-exposure – 6 months!!

I’ve just opened the pinhole camera in my study (one day early).  This was behind the double glazing in a rectangular tea caddy tin box.  You can see the NFO dome towards the right, and a neighbour’s house over the … Continue reading

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No more – this is most definitely the last high speed flash egg-shot you will see from me

This one went absolutely everywhere and I’ll be cleaning up the mess for weeks.  It’s still far from perfect but I don’t think I’m capable of doing much better – so I’m calling it a day on the eggs.

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An experiment in animation with deep-sky imaging applications

Last night our faithful old cactus once again flowered and I caught the action with the Canon 40D and TC-80N3 timer controller.  So what is this doing on a deep-sky imaging web site?  I hope to use the same process … Continue reading

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An extremely scary upgrade

I have just half-completed a very scary summer project!  The Hyperstar III lens assembly is a fantastic technological achievement which turns an ultra-slow f#10 Schmidt-Cassegrain into an ultra-fast f#2 Schmidt-Camera.  There is a slight problem though with all that glass … Continue reading

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Only three days to go now!

The four pinhole cameras I have had imaging the southern horizon for the past 6 months are due to be opened on June 21st 2010 in the evening.  I will put new film in each camera and set them off … Continue reading

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Galaxy wall mega poster – the NFO Spring mega-project of 2010

Noel Carboni is currently assembling the NFO Spring mega project of 2010. This is a massive mosaic of the Virgo/Coma galaxy cluster region centred on the famous Markarian Chain of galaxies.  This mosaic is created from a number of frames … Continue reading

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What is the New Forest Observatory?

It says something about the desperate current financial situation we are in that I need to write this entry, and it makes me quite sad to do so. The New Forest Observatory is a dedicated picture-taking telescope (i.e. you can’t … Continue reading

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EPOD today – Dartmoor land of granite

Managed to get today’s EPOD with a panoramic view over Burrator resevoir towards Leather Tor taken from the top of Sheepstor in Dartmoor National Park.  I know this area extremely well as I lived in the village of Walkhampton which … Continue reading

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