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Over 12 orders of magnitude in exposure time between subjects

I am using a Bryan Mumford Time Machine and the high speed flash gear from to create some visually stunning images of water collisions – an example is here: Some spikes added to the highlights using Noel Carboni’s plug-in … Continue reading

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Why the cloud at night?

Why is there so much cloud at night recently when it’s been relatively clear through most of the day?  Well I have the AstroTrac ready and set up with the new Canon 5D MkII and the Canon 15mm fish-eye lens … Continue reading

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Big – BIG – jump in U.K. Amazon sales of Star Vistas today

Huge jump in sales of Star Vistas on U.K. Amazon today – no idea why – if you’ve seen a recent review somewhere please let me know 🙂

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150,000 not out

Well some time during last night NFO had its 150,000 th visitor 🙂  Wow!!  Thank you all for taking the time to visit my site – I hope you enjoy all the goings-on at the New Forest Observatory.  Next milestone … Continue reading

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The unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics

I am just starting to read Cliff Pickover’s “The Loom of God” and it jogged my rapidly fading memory of my Professorial Inaugural lecture.  Below I reproduce the last few minutes of the 2005 Inaugural lecture I presented at the … Continue reading

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Life, the Universe, and the EPR “Paradox”

Einstein was pretty unhappy with the way Quantum Mechanics was developing – which was a bit odd seeing as he came up with the concept of the photon and an explanation of the photoelectric effect – but I digress. In trying … Continue reading

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Star Vistas – another (possible) Exhibition, Bristol area October 2010

There is an on-going discussion at present that may result in another Star Vistas Exhibition of deep-sky images – plus a talk on deep-sky imaging – but this time in the Bristol area.  If you are unable to make it … Continue reading

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Star Vistas – an Exhibition to be held at the ArtSway gallery 3-5 September 2010

There will be an Exhibition of Greg Parker’s latest and best deep-sky images at ArtSway, running from Friday 3 September 2010 until Sunday 5 September 2010.  A Private Viewing for invited guests begins at 6:00 p.m. on Friday 3 September and a … Continue reading

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The Cocoon nebula in widefield

Recent clear night a few days back so I grabbed some more Hyperstar III data on the Cocoon and its associated dark nebulosity and added it to some data taken last year.  I will try and get another frame off … Continue reading

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Galaxies in the Milky Way

In a pathetic attempt at trying to keep imaging with nights that are like a sunrise, here is a globular cluster in the Milky Way – M56 in the constellation Lyra.  I really like globulars with a Milky Way background … Continue reading

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