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Another clear night last night, so I moved a bit downwards in the Virgo cluster to get the M87 region.  No sign of the jet as far as I can see with 14 x 5-minute subs.

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Beautiful clear night last night, and a non-intrusive Moon for imaging in the Leo region.  12 x 5-minutes subs on the M100 region and the speed of the Hyperstar really shows through.  Need more data on this for a quality image, but this result is pretty acceptable for just one hour’s worth of imaging.


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I just finished painting the South Dome’s decking which finishes the Spring cleaning of the two dome’s for this year.

The South Dome has just had a re-injection of life for the Hyperstar III with the addition of a 9-Megapixel SX814C OSC CCD and a Lodestar X2 guide camera.  Just waiting now for a clear night to get the guide refractor focused up and the guide camera rotated into NSEW position, and the main 814C imaging camera needs to be collimated to the Hyperstar III.  Once this is done it is Hyperstar time once again at the New Forest Observatory.

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