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Houston we have a problem – and this time it’s a real biggy!

Symbiosis or Evolution, or maybe a little of both?  It doesn’t really matter.  If you don’t know what I’m on about in the first sentence then you need not read any further and it won’t ruin your day. Gaia – … Continue reading

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Mini-WASP upgrade number 2 for June 2014

Second upgrade for the week that required the earlier upgrade to go ahead 🙂 This time the in-storage Sky 90 and filter-wheel have gone back on.  It was taken off over a year ago as I got terrible star shapes … Continue reading

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Upgrade of the week for the mini-WASP array

A small upgrade was made to the mini-WASP array this week – can you spot it??

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December 21st 2013 until June 21st 2014 solargraph

This is a Solstice-to-Solstice solargraph taken at the New Forest Observatory using the REALLY BIG pinhole camera. You can clearly see the two New Forest Observatory domes, and the oval-shaped object in the middle foreground is the top of a … Continue reading

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See the “Courses” section for a new 2014 astronomy course

A new course is available at the New Forest Observatory for those wishing to set up their own “Mini-WASP array”.

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Statrep for the second Canon 200mm prime lens

A lot has happened since the last post on this topic. First off, I decided that rather than putting this lens on the mini-WASP array, I would piggy-back it on the C11 as I did originally.  Why?  Because otherwise I … Continue reading

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Amazing light panel for flats

A friend on one of the astronomy forums asked me if these would be any good for taking flats: Any good?  They are utterly superb!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND they are cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND you can get an A3 or even an A2 panel … Continue reading

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