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About a year ago a German amateur imager contacted me about a faint object lying near Aldebaran.  It was visible (just) in an old image of mine which only had an hour of total exposure time.  Just woke up this morning and wondered if the recent Aldebaran 2-framer with 2-hours of exposure time around Aldebaran itself had anything to show.  And yep – there it is :) :) :)

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Today’s Earth Science Picture of the Day is my 2-frame narrowband + RGB image of the Veil nebula in Cygnus.

Thank you Jim at EPOD for continuing to publish my work :)


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How extraordinary!! I just got an e-mail from a book publisher friend who had just received a nasty e-mail from a Photo Library wanting payment for an image of the Pleiades shown on the cover of one of his books. Now as I had provided the publisher with the Pleiades image I must admit was a bit taken aback by this. However – looking very closely at the Photo Library image – it was clear to me that it wasn’t even my image!!! So I logged on to the Photo Library’s site to have a closer look at their image – and – it is in fact a Robert Gendler image of the Pleiades!!! So this Photo Library just tried to extort £496 out of a totally innocent publisher who had done everything by the book!! I told him to sue the bastards – I really hope he does :)

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Got today’s EPOD with the inverse nova R Coronae Borealis :)

See the animation here.

Many thanks Jim at EPOD for continuing to publish my work.

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As there has only been one imaging night for the whole of October 2015 I have had to look for other things to get on with.

I took a Sky 90 image of the R Coronae Borealis (RCrB) region in August 2013 and again with the Canon EF 200mm DSLR lens in May 2015.  In August 2013 RCrB was at its minimum around mag 14 or 15, and in May 2015 it was around mag 7 to 8.  I put the two images together in an animation that you can see running here.

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I used Registar to put together all the best images I had of Kemble’s Cascade – and this is the result :)

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Further to my earlier post below, I have upgraded the spec as I will be using a different capacitor for these custom units.

The spec now reads:

  1.  Light output power 100 Joules.
  2. Light pulse duration 25-microseconds (1/40,000th of a second).
  3. Recharge time less than 5-seconds.

The units are powered by a 12 Volt battery pack which is supplied with a charger and the flash unit.  Estimated cost of flash unit, battery pack and charger is £2,000 plus VAT at 20% plus p&p.

Let me know if you have any interest in this type of equipment.

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You will see from the new Title on the Main Page that the New Forest Observatory is now a Registered Trademark :)

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Two very nice people turned up completely unannounced to see the New Forest Observatory.  As they had come all the way from the States it would have been churlish to say no :)  You can read their story here under the heading Godcidentals.

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The New Forest Observatory is able to supply your project with stunning images of deep-space.

Check out the New Forest Observatory Image Agency here.

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