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Peter Rusling has also used one of the Amazon supplied light panels for taking flats.  He says:

“I’ve bought one of these excellent panels and thought I’d share that the light USB L4S version will mount safely on a £15 articulated TV arm in an obsy using Velcro. This allows me to position it up against either of my scopes and has the added bonus of providing an observatory light (albeit white) when stowed against the wall.”

A picture of Peter’s setup is shown below.

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I have decided that the image for this month is the one you can see below – the very deep Canon 200mm prime lens single-framer of Cassiopeia from the Gamma Cass nebula (IC59/63) all the way down to the PacMan nebula.  Although the nebulosity is nothing to write home about – the star field came out very nicely.  And this got me thinking (always bad) – I now need to see how narrowband filters perform on this rig, so it is possible (if I get the weather) that this Image of the Month will also appear as a couple more images of the month as I add in some narrowband data.

I have incorporated narrowband data into earlier RGB work using the Sky 90 and M25C camera.  Images include, the whole of the Veil nebula, the Horsehead nebula region, the M42 region, the Jellyfish nebula region, the IC1396 region, and finally I added some H-alpha data to the M31 image to bring out the emission nebula regions in that galaxy.


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Check out the images of Caph and Ruchbah on today’s EPOD – both images are Canon 200mm prime lens 2-framers using the Trius M26C OSC CCDs.

And thank you Jim at EPOD for once again publishing my work.

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