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Polar Alignment using Sharpcap

Unexpectedly clear last night, albeit with a nearly full Moon. Still, that doesn’t matter too much when you’re setting up/tuning a system. So it was the Hyperstar 4 on the C11 with the ASI2600MC-Pro camera last night. Started off by … Continue reading

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A 10-year Journey on Speed or Why the Hyperstar Really is a High-Speed Imaging System.

No not amphetamines speed, but f# speed, a poorly understood but absolutely critical optical system parameter. It has been a very difficult decision for me to make on how to tell this story. I have had clues about what’s been … Continue reading

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First light for the Hyperstar 4 and ASI2600MC-Pro CMOS colour camera on the C11.

Well I posted up the Second Light image from the Hyperstar 4 so I thought I might as well post up the (less-impressive) First Light image as well. This image comprises of 2 x 1-minute subs, 2 x 5-minute subs, … Continue reading

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Hyperstar 4 and ASI2600MC-Pro now on the Celestron C11 Nexstar GPS SCT.

Starizona sent me the latest Hyperstar 4 and an ASI2600MC-Pro CMOS colour camera to get me out the door and start doing some work again. How could I possibly say no? So the image below (expertly processed by Noel Carboni) … Continue reading

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First image of the season

Managed to get out a couple of nights back, clear AND Moonless, and fired up the Hyperstar III for my first image of the new season. It’s only 6 x 3-minute subs on the Pelican’s head – but at least … Continue reading

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Absolutely everything I have on the Pelican Nebula combined together.

Every sub of the Pelican Nebula from every imaging system all combined together to give this result.

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NFO reboot image

Here is a an image of the Carbon star X Cancri which lies close to the Beehive cluster in the constellation Cancer.    

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We enter a new imaging season.

Well, finally, we are starting to get a few  hours of true darkness back again – hooray!! Both the Hyperstar III/814C in the south dome, and the mini-WASP array in the north dome are fully functional (makes a change, usually … Continue reading

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A Salutory Tale

This morning as I woke up, a science fiction story entered my mind, complete. Here is that story, without adding any detail or embellishments, to keep it short. The time is the present. The World is in political turmoil, not … Continue reading

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A very quick tutorial for collimating the Sky90

I just received a mail asking how you collimate the Sky 90. I do not have a Sky90 in front of me, so some of this will be down to my failing memory. From memory I think there are 3 … Continue reading

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