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That was a bit unexpected!

Clear AND Moonless last night, so I managed to get out and image the Pi Geminorum region for an American lady who wanted a piccie of that area. Very surprised to find the equipment still worked after all that time … Continue reading

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Just a reminder

Here’s a reminder that I used to take deep-sky images at the New Forest Observatory. This is a single-framer of the Sadr region in Cygnus taken with the 2 x Canon 200mm prime lenses and the 2 x Trius M26C … Continue reading

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Wettest year in the New Forest

I have had just one outing over this Winter season so far and maybe 4 or 5 outings at the beginning of 2019. This is by far the worst year of imaging I’ve had since starting in Autumn 2004. And … Continue reading

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The Whole Transit of Mercury

On November 11th 2019 there was a Transit of Mercury where Mercury crosses the face of the Sun. I downloaded data from NASAs SDO satellite (a solar observatory) for the duration of the transit. The first data point was taken … Continue reading

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EPOD Earth Science Picture of the Day for 13/11/2019

Got today’s EPOD with an image of the “37” cluster called “The Answer is an Emirp”. Thank you Jim for continuing to publish my work.

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July 2019 Image of the Month

As we still do not have any hours of darkness this is another month where there are no images from the New Forest Observatory. I really wonder why I bother with this hobby sometimes.

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No more photography courses from the New Forest Observatory

Today I gave the last photography course from the New Forest Observatory. I have decided to “properly” retire this year. May I take this opportunity to thank all of you that have attended the photography courses at the New Forest … Continue reading

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Purchase of New Forest Observatory Images

It appears that people do not go to the Image Agency/Gallery page before requesting images (usually free of charge). Please note – no images are available “free of charge” irrespective of the use to be made of them, so please … Continue reading

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June 2019 Image of the Month

As there are virtually no hours of darkness over the next couple of months – this is the time of year to clean up the observatory. Clean the fibreglass dome, repaint the decking, Hoover out the observatory, make sure the … Continue reading

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Today’s EPOD – Coddington’s Nebula in Ursa Major – number 106

Got today’s EPOD with a Sky 90 array image of Coddington’s nebula (actually a faint diffuse galaxy) in Ursa Major. Over 17-hours of Sky 90 data went into creating this image.

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