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On 10th February 2009 Greg Parker, Adam Parker & Noel Carboni visited Sir Patrick at Farthings to present him with a joint-author signed copy of Star Vistas.  Sir Patrick was in fine form and gave us the keys to his observatories to have a look around.  The big Newtonian reflector through which he did much of his lunar work is in great condition in the “big green” observatory, and the refurbished refractor in the roll-off shed looks superb too.  Sir Patrick wrote one of the Forewords to Star Vistas along with his life-long friend Sir Arthur C Clarke, and “Bang!” book co-author Dr. Brian May.  Thank you Sir Patrick for a lovely lunch and so much of your valuable time – we really appreciate it 🙂

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Here is an aerial view of the NFO.  The house on the end where the road bends round is home to the NFO, and you can see the dome as a white circle at the bottom of the garden.

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Sir Patrick Moore threw a party at Farthings yesterday – St. Patrick’s day!  We even saw a few moments of clear sky after a week of being totally overcast – I think Selsey is famous for being able to see the stars when the rest of the country is in gloom.

It was great to meet up with fellow enthusiasts and to make some new friends.  Patrick was on good form, and Terry Pratchett was there as well having a really enjoyable time like the rest of us.  Thank you Sir Patrick for making us all so welcome 🙂

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Have a great day, and a great year to come 🙂

Greg and Noel.

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We are incredibly proud that we have been given permission by Sir Arthur C Clarke to publish his tribute to both the BBC television programme The Sky at Night and to Sir Patrick Moore.   If you do nothing else today – READ THIS!

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