Daily Echo Article (29th July 2006)

Wow!  We have a three page spread in the Southern Daily Echo – great!  This article was written to coincide with the Starscape Exhibition now running at the University of Southampton.  Sally Churchward has put together a rather nice piece about the New Forest Observatory and our deep-sky images.

The only thing Sally seems to have misunderstood is my “joke”, and perhaps male anatomy.  To the best of my knowledge you can’t get a triple hernia, I only got a double hernia [and had two operations over two years] from carrying the Nexstar 11 GPS in and out of doors.  This is another very good reason for having a permanent site so that you don’t go lifting very heavy equipment about.  Be warned – I have done a lot of sports weight-lifting and I still got caught out – don’t let the same thing happen to you – be careful.

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