Astronomy Now Magazine (September 2007 Issue)

Just came home on Wednesday 15th August to find we have Picture of the Month in this Month’s (September 2007 Issue) Astronomy Now magazine.  Astronomy Now have published our wide field picture of the The North America Pelican Nebula.  Taken with the Takahashi Sky 90/SXVF-M25C combination, this is only around 4 hours or so of total exposure time, which is at the lower end for my work with the little Tak as I normally use a minimum of around 8 hours for nebulae.  Noel has managed to keep really good star colour as you can see, while bringing out all the faint stuff in the region of the Pelican.

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  1. astromcnaught says:

    Congratulations on this image…it is superb.
    I’ve just come back from your talk at Brockenhust this evening and was pretty much blown away by your imaging capabilities. I was the tall chap who mentioned an interest in celestial cartography. I think what surprised me the most is how such deep imaging is possible from our New Forest skies. I had always imagined images such as the above being taken from the Arizona desert and such places, or at least deeply filtered is some way.

    A final congratulation on your exhibition, excellent first night and it is sure to be a triumph, as they say.

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi there!
    I’m really pleased you enjoyed the evening – I must say I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people that turned up. Final count for that opening Friday evening was 160! Please keep your eye on the New Forest Observatory web site – there will be new stuff up and coming all the time 🙂
    All the best,
    Greg Parker

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