I have just ordered a RoboFocus from Jerry Smith at Domepage [States] and believe it or not it has already been packed and shipped – same day!  How efficient is that.  The Robofocus is for automatically focusing the Sky 90 using Maxim DL and Larry Weber/Steve Brady’s FocusMax [freeware] software.  It doesn’t look like a trivial exercise to set this all up, so when I’ve eventually found out how to do it, I will write an article on the subject.

At the same time I downloaded PoleAlignMax – so I might also get improved Polar alignment on my setup.

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  1. SteveL says:

    There is an article about FocusMax in AstroPhoto Insight, Feb/Mar 2008 (Vol 4 Issue 1), on page 31. If the clouds and rain ever go away again, I will be using the tips in there about creating better VCurves on my own system

  2. SteveL says:

    Oh, and the latest FocusMax updates can be found here:

    and there is a Yahoo Group for FocusMax here:

  3. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you very much for bringing that to my attention! I will check it out immediately. Do you use this on your 8″ reflector? Is this with the FeatherTouch focuser and the Celestron stepper motor by any chance??

  4. SteveL says:

    I use Feathertouch+Microtouch+FocusMax on my C8… essential now I have the Hyperstar on it 🙂

  5. Greg Parker says:

    I did all the initial Hyperstar work with the C11 with manual focusing!

  6. SteveL says:

    You are a sick man! 😛

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