An omission! Definitive Horsehead and Belt region of Orion

It was while putting together my top 10 that I realised there had been a serious omission!  I have not put up the definitive Horsehead and Belt region of Orion on the NFO site, although it had appeared way back in January 2009 as a 2-page spread article in Astronomy Now magazine.  This is a massive 2-framer taken with the Sky 90 and SXVF-M25C.  Not only that, each frame comprises, RGB, H-alpha and H-beta data as well.  Many, many hours of data acquisition (around 40!) and many, many hours of Noel’s processing time (at least another 40!) bring you ……………


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2 Responses to An omission! Definitive Horsehead and Belt region of Orion

  1. A stunning image of the area Greg. What a ripper. To have all three stars – Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka in the same frame as Flame and B33 at such scale is incredible. Seeing this image vindicates my choice to add a Sky90 to my Tak collection. Thank you!

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Thank you Chris – very pleased you like it 🙂
    For quality widefield imaging the little Tak Sky 90 really takes some beating. With the reducer corrector (a must when imaging with larger chips) Noel says the field is very flat corner to corner, likewise the star shapes are good corner to corner.
    That’s why I have two Sky 90s ready to go into the mini-WASP array. I’m starting to get very itchy about putting this (mega expensive) new imaging project together and might start getting the expensive stuff end this year, early next.

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