Report on SW Astronomy Fair 8th August 2009:

Norman Lockyer observatory – what a great place!  Even without the Astronomy Fair, you really should pay it a visit if you’re ever passing that part of the country.

David Strange – thank you for sorting out accommodation (and Car Parking!) and making it all so easy for me.

The marquee held all the wallet-busting bits and pieces and was a great place to meet fellow enthusiasts as well as the commercial guys selling all the goodies.  Hi guys!!  Wasn’t it a great day 🙂

We were very lucky this year, the weather was perfect, in fact it was almost a touch too warm if such a thing can ever happen in the U.K.

The talk went well with a packed lecture theatre (quite a lot more people than ever turn up to one of my Monday morning 9:00 a.m. lectures).  And afterwards I drew the raffle numbers.  I pulled out the first number and said it was mine as I wanted the telescope – but I got caught out.  What was even more embarrassing was that the second number I pulled out WAS mine and the prize was an extremely nice set of eyepieces and filters in a beautiful case courtesy of First Light Optics.  Well – as I don’t use eyepieces anymore it went back into the draw to another attendee’s great pleasure.

This was a great day, and would make a great day out for all the family.  It’s in a nice part of Devon, so even if the rest of the family don’t want to see the observatory you can just drop them off on Sidmouth promenade a mile away – and spend the time up at the observatory in peace and quiet.

If you were thinking of going this year and couldn’t make it – book it for next year, you won’t be disappointed.

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