Live and learn!

You will see from a couple of posts below that I had some severe computer trouble.  All I wanted to do was upgrade the processor and memory and keep everything else the same, strangely the graphics card played up after the upgrade and all text was like a “spidery” Arial no matter what program was displaying the text.  I downgraded the graphics card and it all worked well again.  I did notice however that as I was putting in the downgraded card there was some dust (fluff) in the PCI Express connector socket which I just blew out the way before putting in the downgrade.  It struck me a few hours later that this fluff may have actually caused the fault with my old card.  So tonight I put the old (better) card back in – and of course it works just fine.  Sometimes these subtle computer faults can be very trying.  Lesson to be learned – when swapping cards/upgrading give the sockets a quick going over with the vacuum cleaner as well as the rest of the case/components.

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