Stephenie Meyer

Who is Stephenie Meyer and what has she got to do with deep-sky imaging?  Well Stephenie Meyer is an American author, and as far as I know she has nothing to do with deep-sky imaging.  So what is she doing being mentioned on the NFO site?

I keep an eye on sales of Star Vistas on the web site, and it usually lurks around the 200,000 mark with occasional forays into the 50,000 or less area (which I have worked out means it sold something like 5 books in half a day or so).  However, if you take a look at the top 12 books on Amazon U.K.  you’ll find that four of those top 12 best-sellers are by one author – Stephenie Meyer.  I had never heard of Stephenie Meyer or her twilight Sagas” so I took a look at her Wiki page.  Meyer is all of 35 years of age and the idea of Twilight came to her in a dream (all the very best ideas come in dreams!!)  She has outsold J K Rowling and her books have been in the top 10 in America for a record number of weeks – and yet I’ve never heard of her before checking this out, however I’m sure we’ve all heard of J K Rowling.

So while Star Vistas languishes down in the hundreds of thousands – do take the time to check out the remarkable story of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight Saga series of books – it’s quite inspirational!

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