Who is Stephenie Meyer and what has she got to do with deep-sky imaging?  Well Stephenie Meyer is an American author, and as far as I know she has nothing to do with deep-sky imaging.  So what is she doing being mentioned on the NFO site?

I keep an eye on sales of Star Vistas on the Amazon.co.uk web site, and it usually lurks around the 200,000 mark with occasional forays into the 50,000 or less area (which I have worked out means it sold something like 5 books in half a day or so).  However, if you take a look at the top 12 books on Amazon U.K.  you’ll find that four of those top 12 best-sellers are by one author – Stephenie Meyer.  I had never heard of Stephenie Meyer or her twilight Sagas” so I took a look at her Wiki page.  Meyer is all of 35 years of age and the idea of Twilight came to her in a dream (all the very best ideas come in dreams!!)  She has outsold J K Rowling and her books have been in the top 10 in America for a record number of weeks – and yet I’ve never heard of her before checking this out, however I’m sure we’ve all heard of J K Rowling.

So while Star Vistas languishes down in the hundreds of thousands – do take the time to check out the remarkable story of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight Saga series of books – it’s quite inspirational!

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