Astronomy Picture of the Day [APOD] – Kemble’s Cascade

Managed to get today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day [APOD] with the wide field (sparkly colour) image of Kemble’s Cascade.  I like this image so much it is one of the permanent “wallpapers” on my home computer.  The little open cluster sitting on the left hand edge of the cascade makes this image perfect IMO 🙂

Noel has just told me that he did a lot of his StarSpikes Pro development work using this image of Kemble’s Cascade as a “test piece”.  I think it certainly paid off.  If you are into processing astronomical images and want full control over the software-based spikes and where they go – take a look at Noel’s StarSpikes Pro software – great value for money!

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2 Responses to Astronomy Picture of the Day [APOD] – Kemble’s Cascade

  1. Mick Hyde says:

    Superb image Greg. I agree, I think it’s one of your best images.

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Thank you Mick – glad you like it too 🙂

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