You won’t believe this – it actually gets worse!

Towards the end of last year I was getting more than a bit annoyed about the lack of 3 monitor control with the ATI Radeon 5770 card.  To refresh your memory in the large print in the spec towards the top it said 3 monitor support, and in tiny print towards the bottom it said that for a 3rd monitor you needed a display port connector.  I then found (at the time) that I couldn’t get a display port connector in the U.K.  Well I recently did a new search and those brilliant Overclocker U.K. boys had them in stock – whoopee!!  Ordered one and got it today – all excited.  O.K. download the latest ATI Catalyst Control Centre and driver software and away we go.  Hmm, strange, still seem to be only able to see and run two monitors – but I can at least run the display port monitor as one of the two – so I know the hardware is all fine.  So what now?  Play around for about an hour getting nowhere and go to Google to see if I can find out what the problem is NOW.  Oh, great – this is a real good’un – didn’t see this one highlighted on the box either (although it does make an appearance IF you know what you’re looking for and type in the problem).  What am I prattling on about?  Well dear little Eyefinity – the ATI software that runs multiple (more than 2) screens – wait for it – does not work with XP!!  What am I running my main machine on?  XP.  What is my copy of PhotoShop CS3 up and configured for along with all my other critical software?  XP!!  I was highly unimpressed about the display port fiasco – guess what I think about ATI now 🙂

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