The hammer cracked the Walnut!

I now have 3 screens running on a Windows 7 system 🙂  In the end I got all the bits necessary to build up a complete new (Windows 7) system around the new motherboard.  So the new system has the 5770 card running 3 monitors under EyeFinity and it all works fine (so far).  Two of the monitors are driven directly from the 5770, the third monitor is driven via a display port adapter – the ATI Catalyst software (and Windows 7) sees all three monitors and allows you to custom configure them to how you want to work.  I want to be able to run separate applications on each monitor – my son wants to play games with the action spread across all three screens – it’s fairly quick and easy to set up in the ATI software.

So the pain is over.  A rather radical way of adding one extra measly lousy screen to a system, but then again, Windows XP (on my original system) is coming up for 10 years old, so perhaps it is just as well I made the move now rather than when I had to.  I will post up a picture of the setup later this week.

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