Photographic courses at the New Forest Observatory

I have recently given a series of talks in the Hampshire area titled “The Magic of Photography”.  Based on the deep-sky images taken from the New Forest Observatory, I also discuss macrophotography and macromosaics, microphotography and micromosaics, creating panoramas using mosaics, Nature & wildlife photography, and of course ultra high-speed flash photography.

What has been brought to my attention during these talks is that most people have access to a good quality digital SLR camera, but most people do not have an observatory or telescope to fit their camera to, and most are unlikely to invest in one either preferring to leave the deep-sky image taking to the experts.  So although the deep-sky images generate a nice number of “oohs” and “ahhs” when the PowerPoint slides go up – it is actually the macro, micro, Nature, and high-speed flash photographic work that creates the most public interest.

At the end of the talks I am asked many questions, and a recurring request was for beginner’s courses for the above aspects of general photography – there was not a single request for a deep-sky photography course (which the NFO currently offers)!!  To this end, the New Forest Observatory will now be offering a number of new photographic courses for budding photographers with digital SLR cameras including:

1)  Photography in the New Forest.  A hands-on field trip course, bring your camera and all your lenses.

2)  An introduction to macrophotography and macromosaics.

3)  How to set up a photographic system for microphotography.

4)  The basics of Ultra High-Speed flash photography.

You will find more details in the Courses section of this site.

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2 Responses to Photographic courses at the New Forest Observatory

  1. sally odling says:

    Hello, do you run any courses on astro photography?

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Sorry – no courses since the pandemic 🙁

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