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Images taken with the new Hyperstar lens and the SXVF-M25C camera.

A Composite Leo Trio Using Hyperstar 3 and Hyperstar 4 Data

This is a composite image of the Leo Trio using old HS3 data and very recent HS4 data. Still not showing the tidal tail so plenty more work needs to be done on this one.

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“The Propeller” in M13

I have very deep data of M13 and for the first time today I took a good look at the image to see if I could find “The Propeller”. And there it was!!

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Two Carbon stars near Cygni 32

Last night I managed to get 10 x 10-minute subs using the Sky 90 array on the Cygni 32 region.  Pretty amazed that I could see some nebulosity with so few (shallow) subs.  Anyway – main point of the exercise … Continue reading

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The Virgo/Coma galaxy supercluster

12 frames using the Hyperstar III and M25C camera with 2-hours of 10-minute subs per frame.  Also a 200mm lens with M26C camera 2-framer using 15-minute subs and 5 hours per frame.  So total integration time is 34 hours 🙂

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Pac Man nebula reloaded

I composited some 4-hours of Hyperstar III data and some 6-hours of Sky 90 data to give the following deep image of NGC281 – the Pac Man nebula.

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NGC1333 reloaded

I was looking through some old data yesterday and NGC1333 (Hyperstar III data) stood out as worth taking a second look at. So I reprocessed the data and came up with the (slight improvement) below 🙂

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CCDInspector results of Hyperstar III collimation

A few posts below I gave a procedure on collimating your imaging camera to a Hyperstar III.  On reflection I thought that this could be considered as so much “hot air” without results to prove the procedure actually works.  So … Continue reading

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The California nebula – work in progress

On the evening of the 19th October I got a couple of clear hours before it clouded over.  Enough time to set up the Hyperstar and get an hour (4 x 15-minute subs) on the California nebula.  I had forgotten … Continue reading

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Collimating the Hyperstar III

It is possible to get perfect stars right across the diagonal of an APS-size chip such as the Starlight Xpress M25C or M26C – but only if your Hyperstar imaging system is in very good collimation.  Getting good collimation is … Continue reading

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The Hyperstar III is back on-line

I have completed the initial experiments with the Canon 200mm lens piggy-backed on the C11, so yesterday I removed the kludge on the back of the C11 and re-instated the Hyperstar III – just in time for all the winter … Continue reading

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