Another little rant courtesy of LibCon, ConLib, or whatever they’re called:

Yes, I know this is meant to be all about the New Forest Observatory – but as I mentioned before – it’s my blog and I can write what I damn well like.

Welcome to the Big Society – are we all feeling nice and cosy as the latest shambles of a Government continues to flush the country down the toilet?

As the bulk of you didn’t see the “going decimal” con, or the “tuition fees and loss of student grants” con – no doubt you’ve missed the latest biggest and best con.

O.K. so you are all aware that the Bankers took the country to the brink of  Bankruptcy, nothing new there it was all mentioned in my last rant.  We – that is the last of us still in a job – bailed them out, you and I BAILED THEM OUT, keep that one in mind – it’s very important – shouldn’t you now be seeing some dividends from all the Banks you bailed out as Investors? – oh yeah, dream on.  To show their appreciation of our magnanimous (involuntary) gesture the Bankers will of course continue to take their obscene “Bonuses” but that was to be expected wasn’t it.

No – the really good bit is just coming up.  Having bailed out the completely inept Bankers with OUR money, we’re now in for a double-whammy – how unexpected was that then?  Massive cuts in the public sector, that is both in terms of jobs and pay – oh – and take a very close look at what is going on with your pension while your at it, and your retirement age, the Government  can’t afford you to quit work in case you haven’t noticed.  If you are stupid enough to fall in with their wishes you’ll be working up to the point they nail down the lid and you won’t have had any of that special time you were looking forward to (and thoroughly deserved) – when you retired.

Big Society – hope you are all comforted by the “Newspeak” because the next few years are going to be the most unpleasant you’ve ever spent in the U.K. – unless you’re a Banker or a Politician of course.

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2 Responses to Another little rant courtesy of LibCon, ConLib, or whatever they’re called:

  1. Mick Hyde says:

    Don’t forget, “we’re all in this together” *COUGH* well, except for me and my mate Dave, we’re multimillionaires – George Osborne.

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Exactly Mick!

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