Perseid from August 11th before midnight

I went over to what I thought was going to be a “dark” bit of the forest around 10:00 p.m. last night and got worse sky glow on the horizon (from Southampton) than I get in my back garden.  So the wife and I reccied another site about 3 miles away for future use and this one was quite a bit better – although there was the possibility of the odd car headlight giving low-level glare.  Anyway – came back home and set up in the garden again for a night of Perseid imaging.  It’s amazing that with a 180 degree FOV fish eye lens you can still see meteors that you don’t manage to image (usually because they run along behind the house – they have to have intelligence!).  Imaged for two hours and didn’t notice that it had got cold enough for dew to form on the fish eye lens, so the second hour’s imaging was a complete waste of time.  Visually, the display was reasonable but nothing particularly special – I seem to feel the same every Perseid session, I think I’m expecting a display from “The Day of the Triffids” and instead I get little more than you would expect on any dark, clear, Moonless night.  Not sure why I bother really.

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