“The work is the statement” – Brian Duffy – 1933-2010:

I just saw a very inspirational programme about Brian Duffy (a famous professional photographer) on BBC’s IPlayer.  Clearly Brian (who unfortunately died earlier this year) was a very bright man and his answers to the inane questions from the interviewer were intensely sharp and well-considered.  One of his answers is going to stick with me for the rest of my life, Brian said:  “The work is the statement” – what an obvious (and quite brilliant!) observation.  Basically Brian was saying that a work of art, wherever displayed, creates its own statement.  A  great work of art needs no accompanying flowery prose to justify its existence.  In contrast – I am sure sure we have all visited Art Exhibitions where quite abysmal pieces of “artwork” have been accompanied by the most exquisite and carefully crafted prose in a vain attempt to give the work credibility and substance.

And talking of Exhibitions – please remember that the Star Vistas Exhibition opens on Friday 3rd September 2010 at the ArtSway gallery – where a portfolio of deep-sky images can be seen, sans flowery prose.  After all what words can possibly describe the mind-stretching wonders of the Cosmos?

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