First light with the Sky 90 back on board

Put the Sky 90 plus SXVF-M25C back on top of the C11, so once again my beautiful 11″ reflector has been relegated to the role of guide scope 🙁  Anyway – I was trying to get the Stock 2 region of Perseus, but I think I missed it – quite amazing when you have a 3.32 x 2.21 degree field of view to play with.  Never mind – got 49 subs at 200 seconds per sub of the unknown region and Noel processed the data yesterday, result below.  I just love the Sky90’s FOV and the way the stars come out with this combination of kit.

Noel has confirmed that I did actually manage to get Stock 2 contained in this image 🙂

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  1. Mick Hyde says:


    Do you have precise GOTO on your mount? I have a similar setup to you; CGE, C9.25 & SKY-90. I use the alignment star to centre/focus in the SKY-90, when I GOTO the object it’s always spot on.
    The beauty of this is that later on you can go back to the alignment star to re-focus and then back to the object.


  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Mick,
    I do have goto but it is not very precise – fortunately I do have Stock 2 completely in the frame (thank you Noel for confirming). Life will all be made a lot easier when I finally get the Paramount up and running 🙂
    All the best,

  3. Mick Hyde says:

    The “Precise GOTO” doesn’t rely on the GOTO alignment too much, as long as you get the “Precise GOTO” star in the centre it’ll be spot on when it moves to the object. The “Precise GOTO” star is very near the object.
    I usually always use “Last Alignment” on my setup, I haven’t aligned it for ages. But the “Precise GOTO” is brilliant. Especially with the SKY-90 piggy backed.

  4. Greg Parker says:

    I’ll have to take a look into this – thank you for letting me know Mick 🙂
    All the best,

  5. Tom How says:

    I do the same thing with my Meade Autostar – I “sync” on a bright star near the target (probably the one you use to focus) and the do the final goto to the target. This local sync refinement of the pointing model usually lands you <10 arc mins from target. If it wasn't for this I'd never get anything on the chip!!

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