Thank you everyone for a great send-off!

I had a thoroughly good time at my pushing-off party at the University of Southampton last night and would like to thank everyone involved for such a pleasant evening – I really enjoyed it (and I usually don’t like parties 🙂

Very pleased and grateful for the signed cards, the flowers (for the missus :), the laser scribed Silicon wafer, and the substantial book token which was considerably in excess of the quid I was fully expecting.

It has obviously been a great place for me to work these last 20-odd years, because as I have mentioned before, in any “normal” job I would not have stayed put for a tenth of that time – so thank you friends and colleagues for creating a very intellectually stimulating environment that could hold my ADHC in check for such a long time – that has really been quite an unbelievable achievement, believe me!

As you all go forward I wish you the very best under these most difficult financial circumstances – and do remember one of my little ditties – “There is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel – might just be a bloody long tunnel is all”. 🙂

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