Prototype 18 ultra-bright white-light LED array for photographic applications

This image shows a prototype illumination rig I have just built using 18 ultra-bright white-light LEDs and powered by a computer PSU.  The idea is to create a compact, high-power, flicker-free light source for photographic applications.  This prototype array (I estimate) kicks out the equivalent of a 200W light bulb, yet it consumes only 20W.  A useful photographic studio array would therefore need around 100 LEDs in a 10 x 10 array and would supply the equivalent of a 1000W thermal light source.  There is a CPU fan behind the LED array providing some forced-air cooling.  In a short while I will be testing the array out with Tony Allen to see how it performs in high-speed video applications.  I will almost certainly put a “snoot” reflector over this array, and Tony will being down a Fresnel lens to go over the front of the snoot.  Should be an interesting experiment 🙂

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2 Responses to Prototype 18 ultra-bright white-light LED array for photographic applications

  1. Peter Woolliams says:

    You could try Luminus Phlatlights (, the brightest give several hundred W worth of light from a single chip! It’s amazing to see how far LEDs have come in the past few years.


  2. Greg Parker says:

    Many thanks for that link Peter – they certainly look the business!!! Much more practical connector design as well, definitely a big improvement on my lash up.


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