Mobius spacetime

Is our Universe a 4-dimensional Mobius Loop giving the appearance of an infinitely large structure?

Mathematica produced 3-dimensional surface with x= (1+0.5 v * Cos(0.5u))*Cos(u)  y=(1+0.5 v * Cos(0.5 u))*Sin(u)  z=0.5 v * (Sin 0.5u)

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3 Responses to Mobius spacetime

  1. Damien LaRocque says:

    I see that you put x, y and z in function of u and v. What are u and v? Are they 4th and 5th dimension?

  2. Greg Parker says:

    This is a parametric plot (look up in Mathematica) x and y are given in terms of u and v.

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