EPOD – Brockenhurst church in the snow – large mosaic

Today’s EPOD (Earth Science Picture of the Day) is a 16-frame mosaic of St. Nicholas’ church in Brockenhurst taken during the recent snow fall.  This mosaic was stitched together using the amazing PTGui software package which does a great job of assembling (and blending) large mosaics (including deep-sky mosaics).  Camera used was the Canon 5D MkII full frame DSLR and the amazingly sharp 50mm prime lens (possibly the cheapest and sharpest lens in the Canon range!).  I was lucky enough to capture this image just a day or two before scaffolding was erected all around the church.  Why scaffolding?  Because some extremely low-life form decided that in order to fund this Christmas they would steal the lead off the church roof.  Is nothing sacred?  Apparently not in U.K. 2010.  Thank you Jim for continuing to publish my work 🙂

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