A touch late – but with this weather it doesn’t matter too much

I have just put out a pair of FLAT pinhole cameras to track the Sun’s path across the sky.  They should have gone out on December 21st but plenty of things got in the way – including Alan Sugar’s autobiography – and I’ve just got round to doing it now.  This time instead of the beer can camera which takes the photo paper rolled up inside, I have used a pair of tea bag tins which are actually a perfect size to take the photo paper flat!  In addition – the hinged lid makes it very easy to load and unload the photo paper.  The final bonus is the the image you get will look like the actual path of the Sun across the sky instead of the deformed (compressed) image you get from the cylindrically shaped photo paper rolled up inside a beer can.  So it’s patience time again and a long wait until June 21st 2011 before we can see what’s been going on inside the tea bag tin 🙂  Fortunately there hasn’t been any Sun worth talking about for days – so I don’t think I’ve missed many tracks since December 21st.

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