Radio Solent – a short interview on UFOs :)

Got phoned up by Radio Solent this morning to make a few comments on UFOs – aired live about 10:40 a.m.

Well what can I say?  To quote Arthur C Clarke “You haven’t seen a UFO unless you got the Mars Licence number”.  I saw TONS of UFOs when I lived in Dartmoor National Park, the skies were so dark (when it was clear) – but although they were unidentified as far as I was concerned, this doesn’t make them extra-terrestial craft.  And it seems odd that the thousands of amateur deep-sky photographers (like me) that are out imaging every clear night have nothing to report – lots of satellites, plenty of planes, and even the odd asteroid – but sorry – no UFOs.

This isn’t too surprising, as (read below) space is BIG.  The Universe could be teeming with life and we would simply never cross paths – the probabilities are just too small.  And if there are life-forms similar to the Borg out there, maybe this is for the good 🙂

Don’t get me wrong – I would LOVE to see a real UFO – but as far as I am concerned we have never (yet) been visited by an intelligent extra-terrestial, and given the vastness of space and the probabilities involved – we never will be 🙁

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