Fellow astro-imager Tom How turned up bright and early this morning to help with the building of the concrete pier base.  With a lot of help from Tom we managed to complete the task in just 3-hours, we both thought this would be a day job.  So here is an image of the completed first task (second task is the deck build).  There is an MDF template on the top holding the pier mounting bolts in position (yes there are 8 bolts!) and the aluminium supports on the side raise the concrete a full 12″ above ground level – so it should be a good 6″ above the decking floor.  Thank you very much for all your help Tom – pretty sure I could not have completed it in a day on my own 🙂

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One Response to “Concrete pillar support completed – with a lot of help from Tom How”
  1. Tom How says:

    You are more than welcome Greg: A very enjoyable morning! 🙂

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