Ian King has very kindly sponsored the mini-WASP project by providing me with two sets of Baader 2″ narrowband filters at an extremely good price – thank you very much Ian!  I now have the 2″ Baader narrowband H-alpha, H-beta, SII and OIII filters for the 5-position filter wheels that will be fitted to the two Sky 90 refractors.  It’s very early days but the immensity of this project is already beginning to hit home 🙂  And this is still only half the array being put together at this stage – two more Sky 90 systems are to be added at a later date – not sure if I can cope with all this (well my wallet anyway).  Getting back to the subject in question – check out the mini-WASP sponsors page where you will now find Ian King Imaging as the latest supporter of this unique deep-sky imaging project.

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