Today I was extremely fortunate to have Tom How over to help me sort out the computer logistical nightmare that the mini-WASP project was becoming for me.  After a marathon 9-hour session Tom managed to get the 2 computers (with just one mouse/keyboard/monitor) running both M26C cameras, the guide camera, the two filter-wheels and the Paramount!  I wouldn’t have been able to get this lot all working given several weeks of trying – so big THANK YOU Tom!!  Tom also saved me a fortune in hardware as I was going to take the “easy” (but expensive) way out of 4 stand alone computer systems each with their own monitor/mouse/keyboard.

So once the new observatory is installed next week I can move all this clutter out of my study and into the new dome and get my study back for what it was meant for rather than being the mini-WASP workshop and assembly unit.

The mini-WASP project continues on-schedule 🙂

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