Cable mis-management

Here is a view inside the dome on this sunny Sunday 🙂  The cables are all attached (both ends) and virtually every socket of the two Belkin extension leads is taken up.  Now need a clear night for Polar Alignment – the LR44 batteries have arrived for the illuminated reticle.  Bought from I paid the princely sum of £1.99 for ten (yes that’s 10) LR44 batteries – WITH FREE POSTAGE.  How can they possibly do that?  Don’t know, don’t care – what I do know is I’ve paid that amount for one battery in a store 🙁

So – we are rapidly approaching “First Light” for the mini-WASP array.  Cameras and filter-wheels have been fired up and checked – it’s all systems go.  Tom How has built half of the dome rotator unit (we will have two stepper motors to not only have redundancy but also to reduce the load per motor) – it looks VERY beefy and capable.

Complete robotic observatory is on the cards now, rain sensors, dome aperture automation…………….. a never ending list.

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3 Responses to Cable mis-management

  1. Tom How says:

    Nice pose from Helga! 🙂

  2. Tom How says:

    Glad you are getting the Robotic Observatory itch. You’ll have to learn use orchestrate next!

  3. Greg Parker says:

    Yep – I can see that one coming 🙂

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