The usual superbly efficient customer service from Starlight Xpress

Camera already at SX headquarters and Terry is giving it a good soak-testing.  Can’t find any fault with it, but I know it does run (a lot) hotter than the other M26C – so Terry will be returning it with one of his bolt-on fans to get some airflow moving over the cooling fins.  This could be “one of those things” where my last few remaining neurons got all confused at 2:00 in the morning and there really was nothing wrong with the camera at all – who knows?  I’ll bolt it back on when it gets back and try again.  Alternatively it could have been a computer hiccup – I have just replaced the PCI 4-port USB hub with a new one as I got a “blue screen of death” pop up with the old USB hub mentioned as the culprit in the error log.  It’s probably going to be one of those things we never get to the bottom of – and it could be several little problems all linked – but thank you Terry for the very fast checkup of the camera 🙂

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