NGC7000 reprocessed

The very quick “process” I did on the NGC7000 image below was no more than a DPP pass and bolt the two frames together – would have taken less than 10-minutes as I just wanted to see what the image looked like.  I know there’s a bad magenta caste and the bottom half of the image looks like it’s been through a ringer – but I didn’t think that spending more time and doing it “properly” in Photoshop would make much difference – WRONG!!!  I spent around half an hour doing it “properly” using gradient exterminator and some curves and levels and it came out markedly different – much to my surprise.

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3 Responses to NGC7000 reprocessed

  1. Tom How says:

    Can’t see the picture!!

  2. Tom How says:

    oooh, that’s much better 🙂

  3. Greg Parker says:

    I am most surprised that it is so markedly different from the ultra fast one click process I did. I was expecting differences – but not such significant differences in colour and all the non-existant mush at the bottom – strange!

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