FTL neutrinos

Having spent an academic career in advanced optics I am more than a little sceptical about the recent faster than light neutrino claims as you will know from posts below.  As astronomers we should also be aware of the 1987A supernova explosion where the arrival times of the photons and the neutrinos (yes I know they weren’t the same type of neutrinos or of the same energy as the earth-bound experiment) were as expected for non-superluminal propagation.  Tom How forwarded me this very interesting paper on the subject.  What I find poetic justice here is relativity bailing out relativity – nice 🙂

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  1. Tom How says:

    To be fair, that paper is in the arXiv preprint system, and as such as not yet been peer reviewed. However, it is a nice explanation! 🙂

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