Deep-Sky Image of the Week – Astrophotographer Harry Page

The image for this week comes from fellow PAIG forumite Harry Page – with yet another superb deep-sky offering – this time it’s the beautiful Iris nebula with its surrounding brown dusty clouds.  This region of Cepheus is another one of my happy hunting grounds and I clearly remember grabbing some early Iris images with the original Hyperstar and the little H9C camera – they were nowhere near as good as this image of course 🙂

Harry provided the following data for his image.

1 Luminance 610 minutes

2 RGB 80 minutes each

3) IDAS light-pollution filter

4) 14″ Newtonian at F#3.75 with an Orion Optics corrector

5) Processed in Pixinsight and captured in AA5

6) All subs 10 minutes unguided ( new TDM on scope )

7) Camera Starlight Xpress H35

The Pixinsight processing included  DBE to remove gradients , histogram stretch , hdr wavelets ,  some noise reduction and finally a bit of a saturation boost.

You can see a higher resolution version of Harry’s Iris nebula image at the address below, I strongly recommend you take a look, the higher resolution makes a huge difference!

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